In business since 2011, Citi Housing has been reshaping streetscapes and lifestyle preferences in cities like Gujranwala, Jhelum, Sialkot and Faisalabad. Our international standard gated communities are equipped with world-class facilities and amenities in a completely secure environment, where our happy residents enjoy every moment of an über-luxurious Gold Standard Living.


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Operation and maintenance (O&M) refers to all of the activities needed to run a water supply, sanitation scheme, electricity, sewage, hygiene, and horticulture services. O&M is a crucial element of town’s sustainability, and has the potential to adversely affect the well-being of residents. Its overall aim is to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of all facilities provided to residents.

Citi’s O&M Department performs a variety of activities to maintain the Citi Housing in impeccable condition:

1. Delivers correct services and benefit to the residents.
2. Prevents the systems to collapse thus evading environmental and health hazards.
3. Contributes to the long term sustainability of the project.

Citi’s preventive maintenance plan includes work planned and carried out proactively on a regular basis to maintain and keep the infrastructure in good condition. It sometimes also includes minor repairs and replacement as dictated by the routine examinations. Doorstep breakdown maintenance services are available to residents and businesses. No service charges except material replacements required to be paid.

O&M staff contribute by:

  • Supplying self-generated power in case of power outage
  • Keeping sewer and drainage systems free flowing
  • Removing electricity faults
  • Sweeping streets applying broomer machines and manually using road-cleaners to clean dusty roads
  • Maintaining landscaping
  • Waste management
  • Removing standing rainwater from roads and plots

Water is life

Convenience & Comfort You Deserve

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. Citi Housing’s water distribution system is painstakingly designed to deliver water to residents and commercial areas with right quality, quantity, and pressure. Residents and businesses receive 24/7 water for household, commercial, recreational and environmental activities. The water distribution pipes are laid below the road pavements, and follow the payouts of roads.

Citi Housing has constructed RCC overhead tanks for water supply as terrain in Citi Housing is relatively flat best for construction of buildings. Tanks total capacity is the summation of:

  • Balanced Storage: The quantity of water required to be stored in the tanks for equalizing or balancing fluctuating demand against constant supply.
  • Breakdown Storage: The breakdown storage or often called emergency storage is the 25% storage preserved in order to tide over the emergencies posed by the failure of pumps, electricity, or any other mechanism driving the pumps.
  • Fire storage: This provision takes care of the requirements of water for extinguishing fires.

Highpoints Of Citi’s Water Distribution System:

  • Water quality doesn’t get deteriorated in the distribution pipes.
  • Water is supplied to all the intended places with sufficient pressure head.
  • Capacity tot supply requisite amount of water during fire fighting.


Experience highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness

Waste disposal are all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Citi Housing’s Maintenance Department organizes and manages waste disposal activities for homeowners and businesses. This includes collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste. Proper waste disposal minimizes the spread of infection and reduces the risk of accidental injury to staff, patients, visitors and community. It also reduces odors and improves the cleanliness and hygiene.

Objectives of Waste Disposal Management:

1. Collection & disposal of waste from bins provided to homeowners & businesses.
2. Achievement of 95% waste collection efficiency.
3. Enforcement of strict environmental and municipal laws.
4. Collection & transportation of solid waste.
5. Waste reduction through extraction of recyclable material and composting.
6. Final disposal of waste at landfill site.

Waste Bins
In Citi Housing, there is a waste bin for each homeowner and business to drop all waste packed/tied in a plastic waste bag. This is done to provide healthy environment and to avoid a number of different problems caused by waste littered on the roadway:

  • Clogging/damage to sewer and drains
  • Traffic hazard
  • Waste heaps attract rodents / stray animals
  • Increased costs for cleaning

Street Sweeping Program
Citi Housing’s street sweeping program is meticulously prepared by its Maintenance Department. Street sweeping removes pollutants before they drain into waste distributary and keep the area free of waste and dust. Adequate number of mechanical broomers and Road Cleaning staff has been deployed to keep roads clean and free of dust and trash.



Self-generation of electricity to keep home owners delighted

During a power outage, you may be left without heating/air conditioning, lighting, hot water, or even running water. If you only have a cordless phone, you will also be left without phone service. In other words, you could be facing major challenges. Citi has taken the responsibility to conform you and your families.

Citi generates electricity to avoid inconvenience to residents and businesses during power outages. Electric load of each Phase of Citi Housing is calculated by Electrical Engineers and appropriate sized generators are deployed to supply electricity immediately after each power outage. These generators are manned by expert and skilled technicians who remain present at the site 24/7 to look after generators maintenance. Residents can keep all electrical appliances functional like aircons, microware ovens, electric geysers and heaters etc. during planned and planned power outages.

If your electricity stays off for longer than a few minutes, call Maintenance Service Department of Citi Housing. Citi electricity has valuable electricity generation capacity to keep you comfortable during a power outage of any length.



Powerful cooking & heating fuel

Natural gas is a fossil fuel used as a source of energy for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. Natural gas dispensed in a residential setting can generate temperatures in excess of 1100 °C (2000 °F) making it a powerful domestic cooking and heating fuel. In Citi Housing, gas is supplied through service pipes to homes, where it is used for many purposes including ranges and ovens, gas-heated clothes dryers, heating/cooling, and central heating.

Oil & gas reserves are depleting in Pakistan leading to shortage of natural gas for domestic use particularly for new and upcoming habitats. Engineering Wing of Citi Housing has laid down underground natural gas pipelines in all the Projects. Natural gas runs from the SNGPL gas stations to distribution lines to a home or business. Natural gas becomes the property of the resident, when it passes through a residents’ gas meter. Once inside the home, gas travels to equipment and appliances through piping installed by the home-builder and owned by the homeowner, who is responsible for its upkeep. Residents and businesses throughout the town of Citi Housing receive natural-gas according to availability and policy of the Government.

Distribution and Safety
Citi Housing maintains the highest safety standards to ensure that preventable accidents are avoided, and problems with the natural gas distribution network are remedied in a timely fashion. There are qualified technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to residents’ problems and concerns.



Robust watertight sanitary sewers

Around the world, water is responsible of about 80% of diseases. Thus, treating water is very important so as to save environment from water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, jaundice and more. The collection and treatment of domestic sewage and wastewater is among the most important factors responsible for the general level of good health and environment.

Citi Housing’s Engineering Wing has designed and constructed robust sanitary sewers for wastewater collection and disposal. These sanitary sewers are watertight avoiding inflow of rain water during wet weather due to cracks, faulty seals, and improper connections. Citi’s sewers are built with allowance for higher flows that occur when excess water enters the collection system during heavy rain events.



New generation Of management practices

Citi Housing is striving to implement cost-effective, sustainable and holistic solutions that promote human health and manages rainwater as a resource. Citi’s management, in the face of climate change, unfailingly checks how best to make use of water resources and treat rainwater as a resource. Citi realizes that it can no longer afford to allow rainwater laden with trash, metals and pollutants to contaminate underground waters and disposal facilities.

Citi Housing has introduced a new generation of management practices to effectively manage rainwater while simultaneously building vibrant, attractive civic amenities. Green infrastructure; e.g., green roofs, permeable pavement, bio-swales, rainwater harvesting, green streets, conservation areas, effectively addresses rainwater pollution and mitigate flooding, while at the same time providing open space for recreation, habitat, improved air quality, climate resiliency and aesthetic benefits.

Citi is continuously looking for sustainable and effective approaches to reduce existing and emerging sources of rainwater pollution while balancing other town priorities.



No danger to spray workers, inhabitants or animals

Mosquito control manages the population of mosquitoes to reduce their damage to human health, economies, and enjoyment. Mosquito control is a vital public-health practice throughout the Citi Housing because mosquitoes spread many diseases, such as malaria and the Zika virus.

Citi Housing organizes, manages and finance large-scale town spray operation, using its own resources,, in all its projects over extended periods. Citi has arranged for skilled people, vehicles and spraying machines for the purpose. This operations became increasingly efficient and effective due to sheer commitment of staff. Citi applies a flexible approach, using a variety of techniques of vector control and disease management.

Health education is also arranged by Citi MediCare Hospital to make residents and communities in surrounding areas and other groups aware of their responsibilities for their own health and of the possibilities for taking action.

Characteristics of insecticides used are:
1. Highly toxic to target insects. Insecticides may lose their effectiveness if the target insects develop resistance. Samples of the target insect are collected and checked for the development of resistance, from time to time. If resistance is observed another insecticide without cross-resistance is being used.
2. Not repellent or irritant to target insects to ensure that the insects pick up a lethal dose.
3. Safe to humans and domestic animals. There are no danger to spray workers, inhabitants or animals accidentally contaminated with the insecticide during or after spraying.
4. Acceptable to homeowners. Care is taken that insecticide formulations are acceptable to homeowners.
5. Stable during storage and transportation. Selected insecticides are mixes well with water; harmless to spraying equipment.