Rent Guarantee is an absolute must for landlords. After obtaining this, you no longer need to worry about getting your rent on time or even at all. You can choose the rent guarantee package for professional and secured management of your rent.

With rent4sure we offer Rent Guarantee cover for up to £25,000 annually. In the event your tenants do not pay, the policy will cover your rent. Legal cover is provided to cover you on the costs of tenant eviction if necessary.

Landlord Reviews

" I have been letting my properties with Tenant Find for sevaral years now, both lets are successfull and have professional tenants. I am very happy with their service, Thank you for all your help and support "

Paul Cook
Why Tenant Find Rent Guarantee?
  • Professional service and easy to get started
  • Complete cover from rent arrears
  • You never have to worry about rent again
  • 100% protection of income