Welcome to Tenant Find! We are committed in providing you with a professional service, ensuring the lettings process is made quick and simple. Whether it is the first time you are looking to rent a property or you are an existing tenant, we endeavour to make your experience stress free. To help you get started, we have created a ‘Tenants guide to letting, which provides all the necessary information you need to know before you rent a property with us.

Selecting a property

Our website www.tenantfind.co.uk is updated on a daily basis. We also advertise on Zoopla, Prime location and other popular property portals. Once you have selected a property we will arrange a viewing for you to visit the property at a time convenient to yourself.

Credit Reference

Tenant reference checks are usually carried out with Equifax or Experian and these will provide us with details of your financial and address history.This determines if you have been making payments to your creditors on time.

Employment Checks

We will usually require three months wage slips or employers reference to determine if you are currently working and have a history of work.

Residency Checks

Bank statements and passport or driving license copies will be required for residency checks. In certain circumstances we may need to check with the Home Office.

Previous Landlord/ Agent Reference

Landlord or agent reference is carried out to establish if you have been paying rent on time in your previous tenancy and have not breached the tenancy terms and conditions.

Contract Sign Date

Once the referencing stage is successful and upon agreement of the landlord, we will arrange a move in date. Prior to the move in date, the contracts will need to be signed.For better understanding, we will go through all the contracts and inventory with you.


Contracts are signed and the keys are released. You are now ready to move into your new home. The landlord will meet you at the property to check you in and explain how the appliances work. Please read through the inventory and schedule of condition before signing it to ensure this is correct.

Tenant Key Obligations

We have summarised the key points in our tenancy contracts. Please read through the full contract before signing and seek independent legal advice if necessary.

Contract Details

The contract is between you and the landlord for a minimum period of 6 months. The rent and deposit are clearly stipulated on the agreement. This is a legal document signed by the tenant and the landlord or Agent.


The deposit is kept in a UK deposit scheme and released at the end of the tenancy. If there has been damage to the property, deductions will be made from the deposit to cover this. The tenant cannot use the deposit as rent and this will constitute to breaking the terms of your shorthold tenancy agreement.


The initial inventory is an important part of the tenancy as it outlines the condition of the property and the items which belong to the landlord. Before signing it, you must check it thoroughly to ensure it is correct as it will be used as evidence on release of the deposit.

Registering Bills

The tenant has an obligation to pay their bills unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. It is therefore your duty to register your bills from the move in date. The utility company details will be provided by the landlord, and the council tax bill will be registered by the landlord.

Rental Payments

Rental Payments are made as agreed on a weekly/fortnightly/four weekly/ monthly basis. All rental payments must be paid on time via standing order or cash payment to the landlord as agreed. Late payments are unacceptable and can result in the landlord ending the tenancy within the terms of the contract.

Property use

This is a residential property and must be used only for residential purposes. The property must not be used for business. The tenant is responsible for keeping the property in good order throughout the tenancy.

Multiple Occupation

The property must not be used in a manner whereby there are more people living than agreed with the landlord. The property must not be sub-let as you will be in breach of the tenancy conditions and this will have severe consequences.


If you damage the property, you will be liable to pay for the repairs to rectify the situation. All repairs are to be approved by the Landlord and must not be carried out without the landlord’s consent. In the event of a repair, please contact the Landlord.

Gas safety measures

Your safety is priority and prior to moving, the landlord must have a valid gas safety certificate. All boilers should be serviced annually. If you have a problem with your boiler please contact your landlord who will deal with it immediately. If you smell gas please switch your gas off from the mains and get everyone out of the property. Please call Gas Emergency immediately and inform your landlord. Please do not try to repair boilers as only qualified plumbers are allowed to repair boilers.

Electrical issues

Please report all electrical issues to the Landlord. In the event of an incident please switch your electrical supply off and contact the landlord for advice.

Leaking water

In the event of burst pipes or leaking water, please try to find the stop tap. This is usually located under the sink or in the bathroom. Please contact the landlord who will make appropriate arrangements to get this resolved for you.

Copies of Key

Locks must not be changed without the consent of the Landlord. If you wish to change the keys please discuss this with the Landlord.

Maintaining the property

The Tenant is responsible for ensuring the property is maintained throughout the tenancy. The property must be kept clean and tidy.

Lawns, Front and Rear Garden

The tenant is responsible to maintain the lawn, front and rear gardens. The gardens and lawns must be kept in a good condition. If these areas are not maintained the Landlord can instruct a maintenance company who will carry out these duties. However, you will be responsible for its costs.

Gutters, Drains and Pipes

The tenant is responsible for maintaining the pipes and gutters. Please avoid throwing excess fats in the sink as this could result in drains being blocked. In the event the drains or gutters are blocked, the tenant is responsible to clean them.


It is your duty to maintain the carpets, vinyl or flooring in the property. If this is in need of cleaning or repairs, you will be required to put the flooring back in the condition it was when you initially moved in. Minor wear and tear is taken into account at the end of the tenancy.


Landlord’s furniture must be kept in good order. As a tenant, if you damage any furniture belonging to the landlord, you will be responsible to repair or replace this. At the end of the tenancy, you must ensure your furniture is taken with you unless otherwise agreed with the Landlord/Agent.


Please ensure you use the appropriate bins for waste, and that the bins are left out on the collection days.

Painting & Decorating

If you decide to paint and decorate the property, you must obtain the landlord’s consent.

Routine Inspections

If you decide to paint and decorate the property, you must obtain the landlord’s consent.


Please ensure music is turned down at night. Please also ensure neighbours rights are kept in mind e.g. right of way, parking etc.


At the end of the tenancy, if you wish to continue living at the property, please discuss the renewal with your landlord or agent.

End of Tenancy (check out)

If you would like to end your tenancy please provide two months’ notice in writing before your tenancy end date.

Moving out checklist

  • Please ensure property is clean and tidy.
  • Front and rear gardens are clean, cut grass and tidy up if necessary.
  • All meter readings have been taken
  • Bins are clean.
  • You have removed all your belongings and your furniture from the property.
  • The boiler is off.
  • Your mail is redirected with the postal service.
  • All lights are switched off.
  • All sets of keys are returned to the landlord.
  • To end the tenancy, the landlord will carry out a final report at checkout. This report will determine the condition of the property. If there is any damage to the property, a deduction will be made from the deposit or the tenant will be given time to rectify the situation.
  • We hope this guide has been helpful in explaining the tenancy process. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

What assurances do you provide as a professional letting agent?

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